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Radio Interview with Artur Aleksandrowicz on Vesti FM

CEO Artur Aleksandrowicz was interviewed during the popular radio program “Morning with Vladimir Soloviov” on 7 July 2011.Aleksandrowicz gave collectors a human face and described their professional approach. “Collection agencies protect the reputation of their clients by following ethical and moral principles,” he explained. “We never make calls at night, and we do not threaten people. We show understanding and offer solutions to borrowers.”Professional collectors first present a written notification explaining that the agency is now responsible for the settlement of the relationship between the bank and the borrower. The process of collection is then divided into three stages: pre-trial collections, judicial proceedings and execution proceedings.A collection professional is not a “bouncer,” but rather a simultaneous combination of lawyer, psychologist and financier. His primary goal is to help the borrower find a solution. He explains the borrower’s rights, obligations and opportunities regarding the delinquency.“If you have experienced temporary difficulties and find yourself in debt, you shouldn’t hide from a collection professional,” said Aleksandrowicz. “The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can solve the problem. A borrower shouldn’t bring a problem to the trial stage. During the long history of lending, no one has ever escaped payment for delinquency under a court decision.”