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The Collection Agency PRISTAV has changed the name

Dear colleagues!

We introduced an amendment to the company’s charter last February 20th owing to a change of designation. We are now a Limited Liability Company entitled National Recovery Service (abreviated NRS LLC).

The Collection Agency PRISTAV was created in 2005 on the dawn of the collection market, and has become a leader in the field of debt recovery within 7 years of its successful operation. Such an achievement was reached thanks to you, our employees, customers and partners.

A new phase has dawned in the agency’s expansion, and we are now offering our customers a wider spectrum of services that go way beyond the recovery of banking problem loans. Our organization can now count on four highly qualified contact centers that operate in both Russia and the Ukraine, and over 70 branches and regional offices located throughout the CIS.

We have been working intensively on the identification of a new name for the past several months, and many of you were wholeheartidly involved in the said process. The name National Recovery Service was supported by a large majority and we are sincerely thankful for your contribution.

We are members of such international associations as the ACA International, FEN, Credit Services Association and Global Credit Solutions, which makes it possible to offer a wide array of services for the entire non-performing loans’ recovery process not only in Russia, but in some 120 countries throughout the world.

National Recovery Service guarantees a quality service and a highly efficient recovery benefit. The new designation creates a wider potential in the fields of credit portfolio management, accounts receivable, and business outsourcing processes.

Yours sincerely,

Artur Aleksandrowicz
National Recovery Service