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National Recovery Service is the first debt collection agency to implement a speech recording and analysis system

Russia’s leader on the debt collection market is now analyzing not only voice but also emotions. CROC has implemented the first recording and analysis system in Russia.

National Recover Service (formerly Pristav Collection Agency) has enhanced the performance of its contact-centers and increased the quality of its operations. This is the first Speech Analytics recording and analysis system to be introduced in Russia. This solution makes it possible to analyze the conversations of operators and isolating useful information including the emotional state of the speakers. The project was carried out by CROC within two months.

National Recovery Service offers its services in 83 regions throughout Russia with offices in 55 Russian cities. The agency provides its accounts receivable management services to banks, insurance companies, major broadcasting corporations, retail networks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Our company is the leader with the best recovery performance on the Russian debt collection market. We make over 60,000 calls a day that impact on issues that our customer base needs resolved, and impact accordingly on our performance. And this is why we pay great attention to the work of our operators,” says Artur Aleksandrowicz, CEO, National Recovery Service. “Thanks to Speech Analytics, we were able to decrease the number of inefficient procedures and the volume of our customers’ unprofitable calls by 9%.”

“A meticulous evaluation of a client’s infrastructure made it possible to integrate the latest solution entitled Verint in its present contact-centers, enhancing and complementing their functionality through speech analysis. As a result, the customer was able to increase the accountability and quality of its operators’ performance,” comments Natalia Diakonova, Director, Telecommunication Department, CROC. “National Recovery Service plans on increasing in the very near future the number of its contact-center operators and the implementation of a Speech Analytics system at the new work stations.”

National Recovery Service went through an integration of the Verint solution into its current Avaya APC outbound calls system, updated the working data of the current contact-centers and produced all the required instructions for customers to manage and maintain the system on their own.

“There are over 10,000 organizations in 150 countries that use our solution for increasing the quality of their customer relations, improving their business and the optimization of their human resources,” says Anna Mamikonyan, Executive Director Channel Sales Russia & CIS, Verint. “This is the first integration on the Russian market place and we were actively involved in the project’s implementation. CROC received an award during Moscow’s Verint partnership event for having carried out the first integration of this solution in Russia.”


About the National Recovery Service
National Recovery Service (formerly Pristav Collection Agency) was created in 2005 by way of foreign capital investments. It is now a leader on the Russian debt collection market place. NRS offers services for the management of accounts receivable at all stages of the collection process: pretrial, trial and execution.  National Recovery Service employs international credit risk management standards adapted to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

NRS is present in 83 regions of Russia, with 55 branches and regional offices, and subdivisions in the Ukraine and Belarus Republic. The company is member of the Association of Russian Banks and the Association of Regional Banks of Russia (Association Russia), and cofounder of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA). National Recovery Service is actively involved in the Association’s legislative activities in the field of retail lending and debt collection.

National Recovery Service is also member of such international associations as ACA International, FENCA, Credit Services Association and Global Credit Solutions which makes it possible to offer a wide array of services for the entire non-performing loans’ recovery process not only in Russia, but in some 120 countries worldwide.

About CROC
CROC (www.croc.ru) – CROC is the leading Russian company in IT infrastructure creation, the number one company in Russia providing system integration services (IDC Russia IT Services Analysis reports, 2002 - 2011). CROC is one of the country’s five major IT companies (RIA Analytics 2011, PA Expert 2010), a Top 200 Private Company (FORBES Magazine). For additional information, please contact Natalia Voskresenskaya, PR Director, CROC (Tel. 974-2274, e-mail: NVoskresenskaya@croc.ru, pr@croc.ru).

About Verint
Verint®SystemsInc. is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions and value-added services. Our solutions capture and analyze complex, underused information sources, such as voice, video and unstructured text. They allow our customers to make more informed and effective business decisions.