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National Recovery Service takes part in the conference entitled State and the Claimant: Looking to the Future

This year, the conference organized by the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA) has gathered over 100 professionals from the debt collection and banking markets, representatives from a number of associations, state agencies and self-regulating organizations.

Sergey Shpeter, Senior Vice-President, NRS, was the moderator of a working session entitled Professional Collectors’ Crucial Areas – Collection Ethics.  Sergey Shpeter spoke about working procedures with regard to complaints and appeals submitted to the agency by various debtors. He indicated: “The agency’s Quality Control Department reviews each complaint submitted to the agency. According to our statistics, there are some 15-20 complaints submitted every month stemming from 250-300 thousand invoices produced, i.e. about 0.1%. The major causes for the complaints are wrong phone numbers, addresses and requests for some document,” says the Senior Vice-President.

The agency’s staff conducts an official investigation during three consecutive days and prepares a response for the claimant and to the organization that submitted the complaint, associations, state agencies, Financial Ombudsman Institute, with a result as determined by the company’s PR Department.

National Recovery Service, at the end of last year, was the first debt collection agency to integrate a speech analysis system in order to enhance the quality of its operations. “The major goals of the project are the increased performance of the contact centers, improvement of the customer service quality, and consequently a decrease in the number of complaints, increase the accountability of the operators, and also to increase the quality of the contact-center’s monitoring. We are now capable of identifying the employees that require additional training or instructions in order to improve the quality of our work. Here’s a concrete example: having analyzed the conversations of our employees with the debtors, we determined that during a single shift, 2 of our agents were warmly thanked for their help. This experience was shared among all of the agency’s employees,” indicated Sergey Shpeter.

The Senior Vice-President of NRS underlined that when choosing a collection agency, besides the collection results per se, it is essential to firstly pay attention as to how the complaints and debtor appeals are dealt with, the staff’s training, the equipment of the contact-centers, data protection systems and personal information disposal rights.