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National Recovery Service presented Russia’s debt collection market to the international community

On October 17, 2012, the CEO of the NRS, Artur Aleksandrowicz, presented a paper during the 4th International Credit and Collection Conference entitled Russia’s Debt Collection Market: Trends and Outlook. The conference was organized by Credit Management Solutions.

This year the conference was held in Madrid from October 16 to 18 and gathered some 800 participants from over 30 countries, and covered current industry issues: the global macroeconomic situation, the sector’s international regulatory controls, efficient tools for working with debtors. Mr. Aleksandrowicz spoke about the macroeconomic situation in Russia, the country’s business potential, and the expansion of the credit market in the post-crisis years. “The total Russian debt per borrower in 2012 represented 35,500 rubles, and our forecast for 2015 is that it will grow up 68,000 rubles. The average indebtedness has increased substantially. While in 2011 it represented 19,200 rubles, in 2012 it increased up to 34,000 rubles,” added Mr. Aleksandrowicz.

Artur Aleksandrowicz also spoke about the various forms of debt collection, the various products offered by Russian collection agencies, and the legislative particularities affecting professional collectors.

As the Vice-President of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA), Mr. Aleksandrowicz acquainted the Forum’s participants with the activities of the Association which comprises all of the country’s major agencies, the goals and objectives of NAPCA, the ethical standards governing the activities of collection agencies - members of the Association and the legislative initiatives that promote the establishment and development of a civilized collection marketplace.

Company Information

National Recovery Service
is a recognized leader on the debt collection market thanks to its recovery performance. The agency was created in 2005 by means of foreign capital and debt collection experience. NRS offers a full range of services for the entire non-performing loans’ recovery process. It operates in the interest of some 350 companies from various business sectors, including retailers, manufacturers, public utilities, insurance, factoring, telecom, and some 100 TOP Russian banks and major microfinance institutions. The debt arrears portfolio presently under the management of the Agency represents over $7 billion.

Cofounder of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA). Exclusive partner of Global Credit Solution in Russia, an international commercial collection association comprising professional agencies from over 100 countries worldwide.

CMS – a leading European company specializing in events related to the credit and financial sectors. Sharing experience and knowledge by representatives from the financial markets and major companies from around the world – these are the key objectives of the international CMS conferences.

– The National Association of Professional Collection Agencies is a non-profit organization created by leaders of the collection market: National Recovery Service (formerly Pristav Collection Agency), Sequoia Credit Consolidation and Financial Debt Collection Agency with the participation of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia.

The major objectives of NAPCA are the creation and expansion of a civilized service market in the area of overdue loans collection; support for the highest quality standards of services; support for an informational platform favorable for the development of the debt collection business; support of commercial and legal aspects of collection agencies, support and enhancement of legislative initiatives.

The major goals of NAPCA are:

Participation in the creation of a legislative and regulatory base for companies offering debt recovery services from individuals and enterprises;
The amalgamated efforts of the Association’s members for the improvement of a system for loan recovery in Russia; providing its members with an informational support and a methodical and practical assistance regarding management, business, legal and other issues.