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The Future of International Debt Collection

Mr. Sergey Shpeter, Senior Vice-President of National Recovery Service presented a paper during the yearly meeting of the members of the Global Credit Solutions.

GCS – is a company specializing in debt collection created in Australia in the 70’s which now boasts some 100 branches and comprises major collection agencies from throughout the world. GCS mobilizes some professional debt collectors that have the possibility of sharing their international knowledge in the field of debt recovery, legal cross-border data transfer of personal confidential information, increased performance collection methods and increased cultural and ethical recovery.

As the exclusive partner of Global Credit Solution in Russia since March 2010, National Recovery Service takes an active part in events held by GSC for the improvement of the collection business and enhancement of public awareness of Russia’s recovery industry.

“Our collaboration with GCS allows us to offer a full range of services at all stages of the extended loan recovery process, not only in Russia, but in 120 countries worldwide. In 2012, the agency was handling some 500 international debts. We are already recovering debts from Russians, for such issues as traffic violation fines in Great Britain, France, Germany, Brazil, China, Greece and a row of other smaller countries,” said Sergey Shpeter, Senior Vice-President, National Recovery Service.

Company Information

Global Credit Solutions
– a collection agency specializing in recovery of complex international and corporate indebtedness, focused on offering its services to most of Russia’s entities and global businesses.
Thanks to its network of offices in over 90 countries worldwide, Global Credit Solutions can offer an efficient recovery of indebtedness not only in Russia but abroad as well.

National Recovery Service is a recognized leader on the debt collection market thanks to its recovery performance. The agency was created in 2005 by means of foreign capital and debt collection experience. NRS offers a full range of services for the entire non-performing loans’ recovery process. It operates in the interest of some 350 companies from various business sectors, including retailers, manufacturers, public utilities, insurance, factoring, telecom, and some 100 TOP Russian banks and major microfinance institutions. The debt arrears portfolio presently under the management of the Agency represents over $7 billion.