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National Recovery Service Sponsored the 11th Annual Adam Smith Forum entitled Russian Retail Banking

The 11th Annual Adam Smith Forum entitled Russian Retail Banking was held in Moscow on 28-30 of May. Artur Aleksandrowicz, CEO of National Recovery Service, presented a paper and chaired a session entitled Achieving Excellence in Russian Retail Banking Sector: Special Focus on Risk Management.

Upon opening the session, Mr. Artur Aleksandrowicz spoke about working strategies with regard to indebtedness in today’s markets, and enhancing operational efficiency in view of new capital and provisioning requirements. In his paper, he indicated that the banking community must increase its efficiency with regard to debt recovery, a feature guaranteeing the indispensable reserves of a growing credit portfolio. He also spoke about debt recovery outsourcing as a risk control system and strategies for increasing the potential of indebtedness management.

The Forum’s Programme for 2013 comprised a multitude of topics associated with the expansion of Russia’ retail banking, increasing the efficiency of banking networks, maturation of bank cards, remote banking, marketing and sales.

There were more than 250 registered participants at this year’s Forum, professionals from the banking and financial markets. NRS has been sponsoring this major international banking conference for 4 consecutive years. As a unique platform for professional networking, the Forum makes it possible for NRS to share its experience in debt recovery in the banking sector, and to relay the best possible methods for managing overdue debts in light of a fluctuating market.