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National Recovery Service Awarded Membership in DBA International

National Recovery Service has been awarded a membership status from the non-profit trade association DBA International as of January 2013, whose major mandate is to assist companies on the debt buying market, to further develop the international recovery sector and enhance its economic performance and liquidity.

As one of the major associations representing the accounts receivables management industry, DBA International sets the business standards in the given sector and supports its market players. By focusing on increasing the level of collectors’ services, DBA International represents the rights and interests of its members, conducts training seminars for its participants, and encourages an improved cooperation among them. The membership comprises debt buyers and sellers, collection agencies, law firms and others.

NRS’ membership in DBA International is a pledge towards further developing its international expertise in the field of recovery, a regular source of timely business information, and an access venue to sectorial conferences, thereby increasing its knowledge base.