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The Shareholders of National Recovery Service have Announced the Creation of a New Brand

AJ Prospect Capital Ltd. has announced the creation of a new business – BPO (business process outsourcing) under the brand name of Verboconnect.

Verboconnect will be offering services in the fields of telemarketing, traditional reception and an integrated outsourced contact center.

The BPO services will rely on three contact centers located in Moscow, Novosibirsk and a contact center in Volgograd to be officially inaugurated in March.

The three contact centers will supply the new business with 500 operators that operate 24x7x365. It should be noted that the human and technical resources of the new business model have no relation to the recovery agency’s operation, hence safeguarding the integrity of customers’ personal information and to separate hiring, training and the HR quality control of the 2 entities.

This major high-tech project is implemented on a voice interaction recording and analysis system based on a software and hardware integrated solution developed by Avaya. The working station of the operator is equipped with a system called Altitude, complemented by the NUANCE/LOQUENDO intellectual speech recognition and synthesis solution for projects that require building efficient self-service systems.

The Verboconnect center is currently fulfilling standard and non-standard projects designed for such major customers as insurance companies, banks, telecom operators, large marketing agencies.  

Verboconnect is offering small and medium sized enterprises some highly automated turn-key solutions that were formerly only available to major companies capable of investing large sums into IT infrastructures:
- Automated reception with speech recognition;
- Intelligent and dynamic response IVR;
- Outgoing reminder campaigns performed by the Avaya Predictive Dialing System and voice synthesis systems.

Major long-term partnership agreements with our suppliers make it possible to offer the best possible rates for some extremely sophisticated high-tech services.

David Jones, Chairman of the Board, AJ Prospect Capital Ltd., noted: “We’ve been developing some high-tech and infrastructure solutions for a period of some 8 years and creating some of the best platforms on the market.

This is substantiated not only by our customer base but also by some professional awards. Last year, we created a totally new team. Innovative and proven IT solutions have made it possible to realize a five year plan in just a single year. The creation of Verboconnect will provide our customers with some new and recognized quality services from a reliable business partner.”